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e-gitarren made in germany

Nr. B001

  • authors: Norbert Schnepel and Helmuth Lemme
  • with english text

180 pages of info about GERMAN electric guitars with over 200 photographes including 100 colour photos. Printed on high quality paper.

This book deals exclusivly with guitars produces in West Germany and includes approximately 90% of all models since the early 1950is!

Presented with photos, model numbers, names, production numbers and dates and many detailed descriptions. An impressive reference book where one can (re)discover the incredible diversity of German instrument craftsmanship.

Includes many rare models from the great German companies: FRAMUS, HÖFNER, HOPF, HOYER, KLIRA, as well as lesser-known, smaller production workshops such as GLASSL, LANG or ROGER.

An impressive in-depth view of the Fine Art German Guitar Production. For collectors and fans!!! Hardcover.

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25,00 Euro

hofner guitars made in germany statt 51,-€ jetzt>

Nr. B002

  • Author: Michael Naglav
  • german / english
  • limited edition

190 pages of information dealing exclusivly with guitars produced by HÖFNER company, with 350 photos, including 60 color photos, printed on high -quality paper. Hardcover. This book is a must for every HÖFNER fan!
An ultimat reference book including stock lists, production, seriel numbers, dates of manufacture, construction details, and many detailed photos.
A source of information that will leave no HÖFNER question unanswered! Covers the production of all HÖFNER Jazz, Semi-Acoustic, Hollowbody and Solid-body Guitars as well as all Hollow-body and Solid-body Basses. The scope of this book is truly AWESOME!!!

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framus in the heart of bavaria SOLD

Nr. B003

  • hardcover edition
  • 292 pages
  • fabric binding with golden imprinting and protective cover
  • released in the Framus Edition publishing

Furnished up with numerous pictures and photos, this book is not only describing the life’s work of Fred Wilfer, the father of Warwick founder Hans-Peter Wilfer, but also documenting a piece of German economic history.
Within two-and-a-half year’s work of investigation, the author of this book, Dr. Christian Hoyer, and the Framus vintage expert Volkmar Rudolph have put together photos, stories and anecdotes, in order to consistently present the history of the once biggest European manufacturer of music instruments from 1946 to 1977.

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framus vintage SOLD

Nr. B004

  • Hardcover edition, 492 pages
  • Cloth cover with gold embossing and protective cover
  • Printed at „Edition Framus“ 2009

Covers all of the musical instruments created by the Franconian manufacturer between 1946 and the end of the 1970s, and spotlights the most prominent Framus players.

On almost 500 pages, FRAMUS VINTAGE offers comprehensively researched information and more than 2000 reproductions of Framus guitars, basses, folk and classical instruments.

This book is an authoritative resource, and provides tips on how to correctly identify Framus instruments. It is a standard reference for musicians, collectors, fans, and novices alike.

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hofner guitars & violins a celebration SOLD

Nr. B005

To the 125 annniversary of HÖFNER, this book gives you, on 325 sites, a really good impression of this brand. A "must have" for each HÖFNER-fan. This book is written in english.

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