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A new book about the brand HOFNER B005

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Attention now the greatest collection of tremolo bars (made in germany)

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Nr. 2080450

Model "Junior" 17watt full-tube-combo with a brilliant tone (it has the same electric like the DYNACORD "Twen II") tubes: 2x ECC83, 1x EZ81, 2x 6V6, Built about the early 70´s, Condition: 1-

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Nr. 2090010

Model: ? In original may be for accordeons, this old box gives you a brilliant tone in combinations with old archtops. You can use it as an open or as a closed box Built about early 60´s , Condition 2-

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Nr. 2090140

model "KV10" extensive restored amp with an unique sound. Built 1954, condition: 2

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333,00 Euro


Nr. 2050670

Model: "Bass-King T" 40 watt poweramp with tubes (2xEL34) for bassguitar. Built about mid 60´s, Condition: 2, it works perfectly

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Nr. V001

Model: unknown, an extremely rare small guitar-amp, absolutely collectable. Built about mid 60´s, Condition: 2, fully functional!

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Nr. 2060780

Model: "Konsul" may be a prototype! This extremely rare amp works perfectly. Built about late 50´s . Condition: technical 1-2, optical 2-3

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160,00 Euro


Nr. 2120050

Model: "LAU 150" with this extremely rare matching transformer it is possible to adapt each tube amp to each speaker. Built about mid 60´s, Condition 1-2

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Nr. 2140120

Model: "Piccolo" This full-tube-amp works perfectly. A "must have" for bluesharp players. For gutar also it is an interesting amp. Tubes: 2xECC83, 2xEL84, 1xEZ80. Built about mid 60´s . Condition: technical 1-2, optical 2-3

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